Rare Essence - We Go On and On (CD)


Rare Essence - We Go On and On (CD)



1. Concentration (Intro)

2. Player Haters

3. What Would U Do For The Money?

4. Stranded

5. Overnight Scenario

6. Super Chicken

7. Make 'Em Bounce

8. Freaks Come Out At Night

9. Freaks

10. Tell Me What U Want

11. Greatest Hits

12. We Go On And On

13. Cab Confessions

14. Stars Be Partyin'

15. Watch Out Now!

16. Your Memory Lives On

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We Go On and On is a studio album released on May 26, 1998 by the Washington, D.C.-based go-go band Rare Essence.

Michael "Funky Ned" Neal – bass guitar

Milton "Go-Go Mickey" Freeman – congas, timbales, percussions

Darrell "Blue-Eye" Arrington – drums

John "J.B." Buchanan – flugabone

Andre "Whiteboy" Johnson –electric guitar, vocals

Eric "Bojack" Butcher – rototoms, timbales, percussions

Kent Wood – keyboards

Byron "B.J." Johnson – keyboards

Anthony "Lil' Benny" Harley – trumpet, guest vocals

Darren "Mr. X" Frazier – sample board, vocals

Derek "D.P." Paige – trumpet, vocals

Donnell Floyd – saxophone, vocals

Charles "Shorty" Garris – vocals

Nonchalant – guest vocals